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Nothing about us is pretentious
We serve properfood

We take the very best ingredients and prepare food with traditional love and care. We cater for the whole family and we believe family is where it all starts.
These restaurants are your home away from home and we believe our guests are the reason for our existence.

The visionary behind the 4 brands; Let's Meat, Antonnio's Italian Kitchen, Let's Deli and Let's Brew is Mr Charl Potgieter. Charl started with only one shop; Let’s Meat Lonehill in 2012 with the aim to bring proper food to real people. To fulfil this aim he needed high quality, sustainably produced ingredients that would allow him to make food that he and his team loved and that kept the customers coming back for more.

Proper food. But …we didn’t always like what we found.

So began another quest.

If we couldn’t get what we needed, we’d need to find what we wanted.
After extensive research and investigation the decision was made to create their own line of foodstuffs and ingredients.
We partnered with a farm where we raise livestock and grow much of our own produce. And we scoured the country for the finest ingredients on offer. With these basics in place we could pursue our dream of what proper food should be.

Finally we had what we needed to control what goes into our food – and what came out of our kitchens. Proper food. Our handpicked ingredients underpin the success of our two restaurant chains Let’s Meat and Antonnio’s Italian Kitchen.

The success of the brands have grown exponentially and what started as one restaurant in Lonehill in 2012 has turned into 4 Let’s Meat Restaurants (Lonehill, followed by Bel Air, Grey Owl and then Parkview in Pretoria). Alongside the momentum of Let's Meats' second brand Antonnio’s Italian Kitchen was growing, which opened almost simultaneously in Grey Owl Centurion and Parkview Moreleta Park, Pretoria. The Let’s Deli in Lonehill and Antonnio’s Heathway were next on the list. Then came the flagship node on Lonehill waterfront that joined all 3 brands and introduced Lets Brew.

“How exciting it is to bring the brands to Lonehill.”

“It was my vision to create a restaurant, entertainment and function node where you could shop for farm style meat and ingredients at the Deli, where the kids can play in a fun, safe and exciting environment, where the parents can have a delicious meal while looking at a beautiful view – not over a parking lot or in a mall. You can find any kind of meal here with Let’s Meat offering a extensive menu offering as well. I wanted to create something tranquil in the heart of the hustle and bustle of the Northern Suburbs and we have a beautiful view."

About Us

Our pasta is homemade and prepared and packaged fresh every day in our deli.

Made from the finest durum wheat flour. The process is completely organic. Durum wheat is milled to remove the bran and germ, leaving the rich yellow endosperm granules called semolina. This is then ground into flour. Durum flower contains only 2% gluten and used as the main ingredient in our pasta.

We use fresh spaghetti, fettuccine, fusilli and macaroni pasta's to make the most delicious pasta dishes.


We have a wood burning oven and respect the old way of making pizza. All Pizza bases are oval in shape, topped with a rich Italian plum tomato and fresh herb sauce and showered with mozzarella cheese and any topping of your choice. The best Pizza in town.

Traditional Pizza

Our Locations

Antonnio's boast 3 fantastic locations, in Greyowl Village; Parkview and our brand new Lonehill restaurant. Our restaurants are all child friendly and have a diverse menu offering.

Located on Brakfontein Road in Centurion Our Grey Owl Village location is right around the corner from Midstream Estate and has very say access onto the highway. Ideally located to for a breakfast meeting, business lunch or a convenient dinner after work.

Grey Owl

Antonnio's Italian Kitchen in parkview Centre offers a great children friendly dining experience. This restaurant has a beautiful view over looking the Moreleta Spruit and small mashy course with wild life.


Our flagship operation. The Lonehill restaurant is accessed through either Let's Deli or Let's Meat in Lonehill Boulevard. The restaurant has stunning views of the Lone Hill Nature Reserve.

Along with our diverse menu, you can now sample craft beer from Let's Brew located within the restaurant. The Lonehill branch is also available to hire for any event, please contact us for more information on this.


Antonnio's Heathway is situated in the Heathway Centre, conveniently located off Beyers Naude Drive and down the road from Cresta Shopping Centre.